Suppliers demonstrate, supply and customise communication aids – some offer trials or loans of equipment. They also deliver training on using devices.


Please note that CM cannot recommend a particular supplier as everyone’s needs are different. We do not endorse any material on a supplier’s website or social media.

Abilia Ltd

01954 281 210
[email protected]

  • Communication solutions
  • Environmental control solutions
  • Cognition solutions
  • Products – Lightwriter SL50, Gewa one, Micro Voice Amp, Emfit SafeBed & Epilepsy Monitor, MEMOdayboard, MEMOplanner, HandiCalendar, Cary Base, MEMOtimer

Ability World Ltd

David Weatherburn
0845 47 47 245
[email protected]

  • Portable communication books and folders, communication totes, communication/PODD book binders etc.
  • Tri-fold communication/choice/literacy boards – our popular Abilityboards are used in schools, colleges, care homes and many other situations
  • Communication easel – lightweight yet robust A4 and A3 size desktop ringbinder easels, with grip feet to prevent slipping and carry handles for easy portability
  • Communication aids: full AbleNet range (BIGmack, iTalk2, etc), GoTalks, Megabee, Frenchay Alphabet Board and many more
  • Switch-adapted toys and gadgets, mounting systems, gripping aids, time planning aids and many other items
  • TechPad, Wedge and Wedge Variable-angle switch mounts.
  • Ablenet, Unlimiter and the SimplyWorks range of switches
  • Joysticks, trackballs and many other access products
  • Range of other low-tech AAC devices at highly competitive prices


+81 29 861 5491
[email protected]

Augmentative and Alternative Gesture Interface (AAGI) is a multi-gesture interface that can extend the user’s capabilities selectively.

  • Suitable for people with motor dysfunction who cannot use a standard interface
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Analyses and categorises a wide variety of gestures
  • Free software can be downloaded from the website

Assistive Control Ltd

Kate Browne
01886 884 188
[email protected]

  • New and updated typing and communication apps, available for the iPad and also as a software download
  • Typeassist and Typeassist +, 16 large touchscreen keys, using intelligent word prediction to provide a simple and effective typing system with speech output, useful editing features and screen/font customising options. Fully switch accessible, large cells and efficient word prediction also make it ideal for use with eye gaze
  • Helpmate for users who require symbols-based communication support, uses a Windows tablet as the platform with very simple user interface to help encourage independent access. Ready to use straight from the box with no programming required, making it straightforward to operate for the user, their family and carers
  • We can install various symbols sets or work with the therapy team to install customised symbols


[email protected]

  • Proloquo2Go
  • Proloquo4Text
  • Pictello
  • Keeble
  • Keedogo (Plus)
  • News-2-You
  • Wrise
  • Infovox iVox

Avaz Inc

Francis Rhys Kevin
+1 650 300 4904
[email protected] 

  • Avaz AAC: Avaz, a picture and text-based AAC app brings innovation and accessibility together, offering a powerful communication tool on iOS and Android platforms. Our app supports multiple languages breaking down language barriers. Avaz makes communication effortless through unique features such as Zoom, Phonetic Prediction, and Grammar support. Customize Avaz to suit individual needs, making it the perfect communication tool for users of all ages.
  • MDA Avaz Reader: Avaz Reader is a reading app that offers exciting stories and evidence-based support to kids of all ages. It is a great tool to develop their reading fluency and independent reading.
    Designed for children with dyslexia and first-generation English speakers, the app provides hints and help every step of the way.

CandLE Ltd

Tam Stanton / Katie Stanton
01229 585173
[email protected]

  • Accessible books in Grid 3 with a library of 300+ books for every level of reader.
  • Phonics for All – available in Grid 3 and Mind Express.
  • Leap to Literacy – available in Grid 3.
  • Customised low-tech communication book.
  • A range of low-tech literacy resources including the CandLE alternative pencil.

Claro Software Ltd

Alasdair King
01772 977 888
[email protected]

  • ClaroRead
  • ScreenRuler
  • ClaroCom app
  • ClaroPen app

Crick Software Ltd

Jordan Butel
01604 671 691
[email protected]

  • Clicker 7
  • DocsPlus
  • Clicker Apps for iPads & Chromebooks
  • Clicker Communicator App
  • SuperKeys App

Dad in a Shed

Steve Smith
01933 673 806
[email protected]

  • iPad bundles, switch access for iPads, Proloquo2go, Proloquo4Text, Predictable
  • iPad accessibility accessories – our own adapted styli, switch boxes, a range of switches, cases and mounts
  • Eye gaze bundle, capable of allowing access to windows, home automation and infra-red control
  • Eye gaze trackers
  • Proloquo2go
  • Proloquo4Text
  • Predictable
  • Training, assessment


Jack Ackroyd
01423 798 254
[email protected]


  • Emego assistive switch
  • Electronic medical device design
  • Electronic medical device manufacturing

EyeFree Assisting Communication Ltd

Tania Suares
[email protected]

The EyeControl is a wearable personal communication device that gives a voice to locked-in patients.

  • Standalone portable device using audio feedback and eye gestures
  • Immediate and around-the-clock communication
  • Head-mounted infrared camera tracks eye movements
  • Processing unit translates the movements into communication
  • Bone conduction component provides audio feedback to the user before communication is transmitted to output speaker or connected Bluetooth device
  • No screen needed

EyeTech International Ltd

Neil Hansen
07824 813 425
[email protected]

  • EyeOn with integrated eye tracking for effective communication
  • EyeOn elite with integrated eye tracking & multiple access methods for communication, home automation, computer control and social media
  • TM5 mini standalone eye tracker
  • On-site & virtual demos, visits, training and assessment support
  • Free training and support
  • Free access to support coaches
  • Standard and enhanced warranties
  • We create and manufacture eye tracking cameras and communication aids

Inclusive Technology Ltd

Ian Loughlin
01457 819 790
[email protected]

  • Wide range of products for iPads and other tablets; switch Interfaces, protective cases, amplification systems, mounting systems and other accessories
  • Large selection of apps for iPad and Android
  • Specialist communication handbook for speech and language professionals covering Inclusive’s range of products and advice on choosing and using a communication aid
  • Technology from international companies such as AbleNet, Pretorian, AMDi, Tobii and many others
  • myGaze assistive and eye gaze software
  • HelpKidzLearn online services (games and activities, ChooseIt! Maker 3 and Insight)
  • Switch access & switch software
  • Computer access and mounting solutions

Jabbla UK Ltd

Martin Green
01476 561991
[email protected]

Jabbla UK supplies the following products:

  • AAC devices – Tellus i6, Tellus 6, Vibe 10, Vibe 12 & Allora 3
  • Access technologies – eye gaze (wide range), head tracking & switches
  • Software – Mind Express 5 with Score, Amego, Alphacore, PODD, Carla, Gateway, Steps to Language, Steps before Step Scanning & MaximEyes
    • Apps included in Mind Express 5 are Message Banking, InControl, Language Translation tool, C-Tru & Keyvit

Liberator Ltd

Lauren Argent
01733 370 470 / 01733 889 799
[email protected]

  • Accent 800 / 1000 / 1400, Look Eyegaze, NOVA chat 5 / 8 / 10, Via Mini/Air and Liberator Rugged 7
  • Unity, easyChat, The Grid 3, WordPower, LAMP Words for Life, Essence, LLL and Wordcore
  • Low-tech communication aids, switches, adapted toys, computer access and accessories
    We offer full support:
  • Training by our experienced consultants
  • Assessments and free loans of communication aids
  • Peace of mind – 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price match promise – we will not be beaten on price
  • Total LibCare – five-year market-leading warranty, including accidental damage cover
  • Extended warranties – one to five years on a range of communication aids
  • Support – UK technical support that includes weekend and bank holiday cover

Liopa Ltd

Liam McQuillan
[email protected]

There are several applications for our automated lip-reading technology, including:

  • SRAVI – the Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired. SRAVI is currently in use in NHS hospitals, including Royal Preston Hospital, and Altnagelvin Hospital, and it’s being trialled in hospitals in other countries such as the USA. SRAVI enables patients who are rendered voiceless to communicate in a hospital setting with their doctors, nurses and other caregivers. SRAVI enables patients to communicate using their lip movements alone, via a simple app interface, on a mobile device or iPad.
  • R&D applications, including an automotive solution for in-car automation, and the Visual Voice Generator, an exciting new application which uses our back-end technology in a new way, to review video footage of a person speaking, and to train our system to recognise learned lip movements. The system then recreates the audio of what they’ve said.

Mounts and More

Ian Bullock
01455 212 777
[email protected]

  • DAESSY wheelchair mounting system – a comprehensive, robust and versatile system that provides solutions to most mounting situations for a wide range of communication devices, iPads, tablets, laptops etc
  • DAESSY rolling mount – a freestanding mount with lockable castors designed to slide under most beds. The offset base makes it particularly suitable for wheeling chairs up to the mount
  • DAESSY M-Series mounts – a lightweight, sleek and sturdy mount based on narrower tubing with smaller and lighter components. Suitable for devices up to 4.5kg. e.g. smaller communication devices, iPads, tablets, cameras etc
  • Lite Mount – the latest addition to the DAESSY range, specifically designed for lightweight devices (up to 2kg) such as iPads, tablets, switches or cameras
  • Desk mounts – a range of freestanding or fixed mounts to use communication devices, iPads etc on a desk or table.

Possum Ltd

01296 461088 & 07734 551207
[email protected]

  • Electronic assistive technology
  • Switches
  • Mounts
  • Telecare


01372 725203
[email protected]

  • Custom products
  • Ready-made products
  • Bugzi loan scheme
  • Travelchair
  • Switch adapted toys
  • Refer to other QEF services for assessments for driving, wheelchair and scooter, transfer and seating, and much more

Sensory Guru Ltd

Lee Blemings
01892 771 381
[email protected]

  • Developers of Sensory Eye FX, Magic Eye FX eye tracking software
  • Eye tracking analytics for assessment (Magic Eye FX pro)
  • Magic Room interactive lesson design software with support for AAC
  • Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror interactive projection systems
  • Sensory Room and Immersive Space design and installation
  • Tobii Dynavox hardware and software (full product range)
  • Rehadapt mounting solutions supplier (full product range)
  • Range of training and support services
  • Dedicated remote access and telephone support service for AAC clients between 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri
  • Software development services for AT and AAC industry partners

Smartbox Assistive Technology Ltd

Nick Ward and Adam Waits
01684 578 868
[email protected]

  • Grid Pad communication aids
  • Grid software for Windows and iPad
  • Lumin-i eye tracker
  • On-site visits with assistive technology experts
  • Training and support

Smile Smart Technology Ltd

01635 37550
[email protected]

  • Lead UK Rehadapt mounting range specialist: supply and fitting service for communication devices, tablets, switches and controls.
  • Maker of the Drivedeck, Smile Smart System Powerchairs and Softytops

Steeper Ltd

Lee Hoppley
0113 207 0449
[email protected]

  • Eye gaze technology
  • Environmental controls
  • Access control

Talking Mats Ltd

Lois Cameron
01786 479511
[email protected]

  • Talking Mats Digital
  • Talking Mats Original

Nickie Wren
01276 606 760
[email protected]

  • Makaton training for all
  • Resources using Makaton symbols and signs
  • Membership: Offering the use of the Makaton Library including downloadable resources, signs, symbols and video demonstrations, and Makachat a collaborative space filled with experts in the programme to support the Makaton Community

The Voice Keeper Ltd

Elik Gurvitz
+1 646 2572037
[email protected]

  • The Voice Keeper is a Voice Banking service, allowing people that are about to lose their voice, mainly to ALS/MND, to record their voice and create a PERSONAL Text To Speech (TTS) engine which they can use later, instead of using a generic TTS engine.
  • Immediate feedback – starting from just 3 minutes of recording
  • iOS app: create a voice from your iPhone – no special microphone required

Therapy Box Ltd

Swapnil Gadgil
[email protected]

  • Therapy Box apps: Predictable, Scene & Heard Pro
  • Bundles including iPads and apps, plus assistive accessories including switches

Tobii Dynavox Ltd

Rob Gregory
0114 481 0011
[email protected]

Widgit Software Ltd

Adam Stanton
01926 333 680
[email protected]

  • InPrint 3
  • Widgit Online
  • SymWriter 2
  • ProxTalker

What to look for in a supplier

All supplier members of Communication Matters subscribe to the Communication Matters Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is not a legal document but sets the standard for good commercial practice. Customers are entitled to expect the same standard of professional integrity from suppliers who are not currently members of Communication Matters.

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), founded in 1917, is the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare association. The association has almost 500 member companies employing over 17,000 people who make or sell healthcare and assistive technology products that help people live more independently.

Members are organised by “sectors” that cover the range or products they make and/or supply, such as wheelchairs, stairlifts, prosthetics etc. One of these sectors is AAC and several suppliers, who are members of Communication Matters, are also members of the BHTA.

BHTA Code of Practice

The BHTA Code of Practice is the only one in the healthcare sector overseen by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI). It is binding on the member companies. All BHTA members sign up to the Code, demonstrating their commitment to high levels of customer care that go above and beyond their legal obligations, leading to customer confidence.

The BHTA operates an independent complaints procedure. Customers who buy from a BHTA member and have a problem that cannot be resolved directly with the supplier can contact the BHTA who will act as arbitrator.

The BHTA website ( has a member list so you can check if an AAC supplier is a member or not. A supplier’s own website may also indicate membership of the BHTA.