SpeakUnique Ltd

SpeakUnique develop voice banking technology that allows people to create a personalised synthetic voice for use in communication aids when their speech is affected by a medical condition. Our technology allows us to create high quality synthetic voices simply and quickly, for people who are at risk of losing the ability to speak through illness, and for those with impaired or unintelligible speech. We work with people living with a range of medical conditions that affect speech, including people living with MND, MSA, Cerebral Palsy and head and neck cancer.

Our services can all be accessed online through our website, with support available from our friendly team and detailed support documents. The synthetic voices integrate into a range of different devices, from mobile phones via the SpeakUnique app, to tablets and more specialised communication aids. We have partnered with a number of charities who are able to offer support and funding for people to access our voices.

For healthcare professionals, we offer clinician accounts to allow them to monitor their clients progress, trial our voice banking services free of charge and we run regular training webinars to introduce our three voice banking services.

Each of our services have been developed with extensive feedback from users and cater to AAC users with a range of speech needs.

Products/services include:

  • Voice Build: A replica of your own voice
    If you already have a medical diagnosis, but your speech is not yet affected, we can create a synthetic replica of your voice from a short recording.
  • Voice Repair: A healthy sounding voice, even if your speech is already impaired
    If you’ve already noticed a deterioration in your speech, such as slowness or slurring, we can repair this in your synthetic voice.
  • Voice Design: A truly bespoke synthetic voice, designed by you
    If you have no intelligible speech, we can help you design your own bespoke voice, based on your desired regional accent, cultural influence, age and gender, or we can also use old recordings of you speaking to recreate your voice.

Member of Communication Matters: 

Contact: Alice Smith
Address: 2.04 Murchison House, 10 Max Born Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 3BF
Tel:+44 131 618 7615
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.speakunique.co.uk/