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Tobii Dynavox is the global leader and pioneer in touch and eye tracking-based AAC devices. Our 100% focus and commitment to customers helps to empower and enable them to realise more successful and meaningful communication. Tobii Dynavox was formed in 2014 when Tobii Assistive Technology (founded in 2001) merged with Dynavox Systems (founded in 1983). The merger created the world leader in devices, software and tools for alternative communication giving thousands of people in need around the world the ability to communicate despite any limitations.

The market-leading I Series + dedicated device has a multitude of features such as wake and sleep on gaze, that give you the ability to put the device to sleep using only your eyes, saving hours of battery time. The I Series + also has a built-in SD card that backs up all of your pages and settings once a week, so you don’t need to worry about backups. If you need to restore them, a few selections will do it for you, or you can transfer the SD card to a new device. The I Series + is built to be fast, safe and reliable.

Our portable eye gaze devices are the first choice for someone needing full PC control, or a school looking for eye gaze as a resource. As the only cameras in the world to feature both bright and dark pupil-tracking, the PCEye Go and PCEye Explore track more people, more accurately, more of the time. Often used with Gaze Viewer, the software that allows you to track where anyone is looking on any content, you can track AAC pages, YouTube, books, powerpoint, language assessments. If it’s on a screen, you can track it. This gives you an invaluable insight into the thoughts and processes of your students and patients.

The I Series + and T Series devices can be used with touch, joystick, switch, headmouse etc. Our Communicator 5 and Compass software, designed for AAC, are fully featured, for the emergent communicator to the most advanced. You’ll never outgrow it. If you’re an AAC professional and would like a free copy of Communicator or Compass, get in touch.

We also have the Sono Flex and Compass Apps for iPad and Windows tablets. For something more low-tech, Boardmaker Online produces symbol resources from any internet-connected device – no more disks, just Boardmaker anywhere. Great if you’re not in the same classroom or even the same school. Wherever you log on, you get all of your content.

Products/services include:

  • PCEye Go – PCEye Mini
  • VocaliD Voice Banking
  • myTobiiDynavox Message Banking
  • Core First
  • Snap Scene
  • Windows Control

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Address: Sheffield Science Parks, Cooper Building, Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 2NS
Contact: Rob Gregory
Tel: 0114 481 0011