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Issue Articles and Authors
Aug 2002
Vol 16(2)


  • AAC for All (Rachel Lanz, Beryl Jacobs & Chris Baker)
  • AAC for Fun: The Games Zone & Story Boxes (Linda Rees)
  • Care in the Community: A Personal Perspective (Scott Barbour)
  • Environmental Control for Communication Aid Users (Colin Geggie & Sue Clark)
  • Into Sally's Drawers (Sally Conner)
  • Language of the Dance (Alan Martin)
  • Parent, Family and Carer Involvement in Speech and Language Therapy in Three Schools for Students with Severe Learning Difficulties (Heather Hallett, Kay Hemming & Catherine Scottow)
  • Technology Has Changed My Life (Dawn Seals)
  • Treloar School 32 Location Minspeak Application Program (Pam Stevenson and Annika Junghanns)
Apr 2002
Vol 16(1)


  • AAC Service Developments: The West Sussex Experience (Steven Bloch & Sally Conner)
  • Auditory Scanning a Large Word List for Communication (Stephanie Brewster & Neil Gregory)
  • Communication Matters Small Grants Award
  • Motor Neurone Disease: AAC and Everyday Conversation (Joan Murphy & Steven Bloch)
  • Reading with Symbols at Frederick Holmes School (Nick Trapnell & Judith Chapman)
  • Snapshots of a Trip to India (Janet Scott)
  • The CM Achievement Awards 2001
  • The Personal Touch (Mandy Brown & Joan Murphy)
  • Training in Conversational Quality for an AAC User (Audrey Syme & Alan Johnstone)
Nov 2001
Vol 15(3)


  • AAC and Aphasia (Jackie Reeves & Susan Harris)
  • Feeling with Symbols (Helen Dixon)
  • How Technology has Influenced my Life (Stephen C.A. Lang, Award winner)
  • My Dream (Nicola Bush, Award winner)
  • The CM Achievement Awards 2001 (Sophie McMullen, Misha Mistry, Philip Taylor, Wesley Trowell, Carmelle, Tor Class)
  • The Rebus Symbols Development Project (Helen Whittle & Tina Detheridge)
  • The Use of AAC as a Means of Supporting Patient Care in an Acute Setting (Karen Stovold & Janice Murray)
  • Why should ambulant children with severe speech and language disorders use VOCAs? (Liz Royall & Susan Hyde Wright)