Launch of IPAACKS (Informing and Profiling AAC Knowledge and Skills)


NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is delighted to announce the launch of IPAACKS: Informing and Profiling AAC Knowledge and Skills. This material is available at:

This Education and Development Framework describes the core values, commitments, knowledge and skills required by those who work with people who use, or who may benefit from, AAC.

We are now keen to implement the use of IPAACKS across all sectors and areas within Scotland. Janet Scott who worked closely with NES during its development would be happy to meet to discuss the application of IPAACKS within your area/AAC partnership organisation. Janet can either provide a short awareness raising session (maximum 30 minutes) to a group of staff, or run a more in-depth workshop looking at ways of using IPAACKS and giving participants an opportunity to try out aspects of the resource. This workshop would last approximately 2 hours and could be multi-agency or for a single staff group. There would be no cost to you as all costs will be covered through the Right to Speak project.

If you would like to discuss this further with Janet please contact her at: [email protected]