AAC Evidence Base Research Project: July 2011 Update

The Research Manager submitted the end of year report, along with a revised budget, to the Big Lottery Fund in July. The project was given NHS ethics approval in June.

Manchester Metropolitan University held a focus group for family members of AAC users on 8 July. This generated a lot of ideas and questions that will help the researchers to develop the online AAC Evidence Base. The University plans to hold further focus groups in the course of this year with AAC users, families and practitioners. An initial prototype will be demonstrated at the Communication Matters Conference in September when there will be opportunities for feedback and discussion.

The researchers at the University of Sheffield are making contact with specialist AAC centres to find out what data are available that could be used in the research into evidence of need.

The third meeting of the Independent Research Panel was held on 7 July. There was much useful discussion, especially of the findings from the first two focus groups and Communication Matters’ plans for developing the Research Involvement Network.

If you are a person who uses AAC, a family member, carer or practitioner, and would like to participate in the research, please contact the Research Manager to register your interest.

For more information about the project visit the Research page at www.communicationmatters.org.uk/research or contact Katie Holmes, Research Manager, [email protected]