Using My Head to Talk, Not My Mouth



Personal Experience

    • Courtney Allen


I would like to talk about my communication – how in my head I see pictures and from that I need to find the words and then put them together to make sentences.

When I was little I didn’t have any symbols to talk with so I used my eyes. . I started working on language and making sentences at 17 but couldn’t see the point because single words got me what I wanted.

Now I still have Speech and Language Therapy every week and can speak in sentences on my Accent 1000. I know that It is difficult to talk with people when I use single words – easy for me but difficult for others. It is easier to talk with people when I use sentences – easier for others but difficult for me!

It is still difficult to make sentences and I don’t like asking questions because I don’t know which question word to use or how to make my question. I still use pictures in my head to solve problems, imagine the outcome and put that into words.

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