How a range of AAC methods have supported participation within Sense Scotland’s Service User Consultation Group



Practice Report

    • Tina Yu (Sense Scotland)
    • Margaret Mackenzie (Sense Scotland)


The aim of this workshop is to share the experience of members of Sense Scotland’s Service User Consultation Group’s communication development in the last eighteen months using AAC tools. The Service User Consultation Group is funded by Sense Scotland and its aim is to consult in partnership with a range of service users using a range of AAC tools to develop individual needs.


We met with each individual and offered a range of methods, tools and approaches during the assessment. Individuals were then able to tell us what method(s) was important to them. Minutes were then made using the AAC method specific to each individual’s communication support needs.


Survey assessment gave us information on individual communication support needs. It helped us to standardise as an organisation the range of accessible formats and terminology which lead to a wider organisational assessment of communication support needs of people we support and gave information on the structure of meeting planning tools required to assist the different AAC methods.


We were able to standardise the range of AAC formats available to individuals and change the way in which we conducted and presented the information at the meetings.

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