CM2015 Conference Abstracts & Handouts

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TitleAuthor(s)Handout Link
A Multidisciplinary Approach to AAC AssessmentFrancesca Sephton (Bridge College), Andy Banns (Bridge College)
A Multidisciplinary Approach to AAC for Children and Youth with Acquired Brain InjuryElizabeth Yerbury (The Children's Trust), Aisling Ryan (The Children's Trust)
AAC and Enviro Controls: The Steeper storyMike Burton (Steeper Group)
AAC Around the WorldProf Gregor Renner (ISAAC President), Janice Murray (Chair, ISAAC Council and Executive Board Member), Aldona Mysakowska Adamczyk (Chair-Elect, ISAAC Council), Dorothy Fraser (BUILD Representative, ISAAC)
AAC Hacking: Sometimes it's the little things that make the differenceKate McCallum (Beaumont College)
AAC in Church: Spiritual, social and logistical considerations of participating in group worshipDante Rossi (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability), Marc Viera (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability)
AAC in Education: A new online moduleSally Millar (CALL Scotland), Craig Mill (CALL Scotland)
AAC Intervention Strategies for Beginning CommunicatorsLindsey Paden Cargill (Helping Hands Center for Special Needs, Ohio)
Access to Literacy for the Student who Relies on AACMarion Stanton (CandLE Limited), Rosie Clarke (Woodlands School)
An Introduction to AAC for SLT Students - by invitation onlyCathy Harris (Communication Matters), Toby Hewson (Communication Matters), Brett Reynolds (Scope Victoria, Australia)
Ask and I'll Tell You: Involving children in the evaluation of devicesSeray Ibrahim (Whittington Health NHS Trust), Dr. Michael Clarke (Developmental Science Dept, UCL), Dr. Duncan Brumby (Interaction Centre, UCL)
Bibliometric Analysis of the Scientific Production On AAC: A survey in Scopus databaseSimone Krüger (Tuiuti University of Paraná, Brazil), Ana Paula Berberian (Tuiuti University of Paraná, Brazil), André José Ribeiro Guimarães (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil), Gregor Renner (Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Freiburg, Germany)
Bite-Sized Pieces of AAC Knowledge and Skills: Is the IPAACKS format working for people?Janet Scott (SCTCI)
Bridging the Gap: Making the transition from paediatric to adult servicesLindsay Lambert (Keycomm)
Business Session – by invitation onlyDenise West (Scope Victoria, Australia), Brett Reynolds (Scope Victoria, Australia), Barbara Solarsh (Scope Victoria, Australia)
CARLA: Computer-based Receptive Language AssessmentJohn Hicks (Techcess Ltd), Ian Foulger (Techcess Ltd), Andrea Kirton
Chalk Let and Are Me: Vocabulary reappropriation phenomenaLindsey Paden Cargill (Helping Hands Center for Special Needs, USA)
Clicker Communicator - a complete iPad communication aid from the makers of Clicker 6Jordan Butel (Crick Software)
CM On The Sofa
Tom Griffiths
Come On - 'Sign Out Loud'Sally Featon (Beaumont College), Kate McCallum (Beaumont College)
Communicating Together: Feedback from an AAC communication therapy groupRia Bayliss (Cardiff Metropolitan University), Oliver Lee (ABM University Health Board)
Communication Access Matters: More than just workBrett Reynolds (Scope Victoria, Australia)
Communication Access: The Australian journey and beyondDenise West (Scope Australia), Brett Reynolds (Scope Australia), Barbara Solarsh (Scope Australia), Hilary Johnson (Scope Australia)
Compass Software: Matching access to abilityTina Voizey (Toby Churchill), Kat Smith (Toby Churchill)
Consumer Technology, Specialist Application! Why pay over the odds?Russell Smith (Dad In A Shed)
Developing a Communication Accessible SchoolRosie Clark (Woodlands School)
Do so much more with Grid 3Barney Hawes (Smartbox)
Employing Communication Access Assessors and Educators: Our best move yet!Denise West (Scope Victoria, Australia), Brett Reynolds (Scope Victoria, Australia), Barbara Solarsh (Scope Victoria, Australia)
Engaging Local Commissioners in Establishing and Developing AAC ServicesAnna Reeves (ACE Centre), Martin Fisher (ACE Centre)
Establishing an Outcome Measure for a Specialist Children's Augmentative and Alternative Communication ServiceHelen Currie (University College London)
Establishing and Nurturing an AAC Network across Scotland: Legacy from the Right to Speak ProjectDeborah Jans (Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland), Janet Scott (Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland), Linda Page (Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland), Sandra Millar (Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland)
Evaluating and Monitoring a Communication EnvironmentJulia Hampson (RNIB)
Exploring the LAMP Words for Life app with ChatWrap iPad CaseAndrea McGuiness (Centre for AAC and Autism)
Eye Gaze Technology for Voice Output Communication: Some case studiesFriedl van Vuuren (Kent & Medway CAT), Debbie Bailey (Kent & Medway CAT), Nicole Tumber (Kent & Medway CAT), Richard Miles (Kent & Medway CAT)
Functional Communication Training Using Image2Talk App to Reduce Problem BehavioursMascha Legel (Radboud University, Netherlands), Annalu Waller (University of Dundee)
Getting AAC into EHCPs, by Hook and Crook: By Hub and Spoke?Fiona Wilson
Chris Sherlock
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Phillipa Rewaj (University of Edinburgh), Shuna Colville (University of Edinburgh), Christophe Veaux (University of Edinburgh), Gergely Bakos (University of Edinburgh), Denise Cranley (University of Edinburgh), Lynda Smyth (University of Edinburgh), Junichi Yamagishi (University of Edinburgh), Prof Simon King (University of Edinburgh), Prof Siddharthan Chandran (University of Edinburgh)
Claire Hayward (Access to Communication and Technology)
Helen Paterson (Royal Hospital for Neurodisability)
Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University), Juliet Goldbart (Manchester Metropolitan University), Simon Judge (Barnsley Assisitive Technology Service), Liz Moulam, Stuart Meredith, David Meads (University of Leeds)
Scott Stack
Christopher Ingleby
Prof. Gregor Renner (Catholic Univ of Applied Sciences, Freiburg, Germany)
Jane Donnelly (FAACT), Sandra Miller (FAACT), Iain Rowbotham (Fife Community Support Services)
Doug Watt (Widgit Software)
Nicole Tumber (Kent & Medway CAT Service), Heather Bovingdon (Kent & Medway CAT Service), Claire Riches (Kent & Medway CAT Service)
Kate McCallum, Joe Reddington (eQuality Time), Robert Williams
Denise Stephens
Communication Matters Trustee
Paul Andres (Prentke Romich Deutschland)
Emily Gabrielle (Liberator Ltd), Peter Zein
Nicolas Mazars (Acapela Group), Paolo Leva (Acapela Group), Antoine Kauffeisen (Acapela Group)
Lois Cameron (Talking Mats)
Amanda Hynan (Leeds Beckett University), Andrea Kirton (Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust)
Andrea McGuinness (ATtherapy), Hayley Power (ATtherapy)
Jane Lynch (Ash Field Academy), Becky Manship (Ash Field Academy), Caroline Knight (Leicestership Partnership NHS Trust)
Beth Moulam, Sarah Howden
Sara Dale (ACE Centre), Karen Bailey (ACE Centre)
Marion Stanton (CandLE Ltd), Rosie Clark (Woodlands School)
Matthew Parker (Therapy Box)
Mark Street (Liberator Ltd)
Marica Gatt (Tizard Centre, University of Kent)
Helen Michelle Quiller
Kate Holloway (The Holway Centre)
Bart Noé (Jabbla)
Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University), Helen Whittle (Manchester Metropolitan University), Janet Scott (SCTCI), Sara Dale (ACE Centre), Helen Bell (Manchester Metropolitan University), Osman Javaid (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Pammi Raghavendra (Flinders University, Australia), Janelle Sampson (Flinders University, Australia), Teresa Iacono (La Trobe University, Australia), Denise Wood (Central Queensland University, Australia)
Lois Cameron (Talking Mats)
Julie Atkinson (Access to Communication and Technology)
Lois Cameron (Talking Mats), Sally Boa (Talking Mats)
EA Draffan (University of Southampton), Amatullah Kadous (Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar), Amal Idris (Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar), Nadine Zeinoun (Qatar Assistive Technology Center), Mike Wald (University of Southampton), Nawar Halabi (University of Southampton)
Gregor Gilmour, Linda Milnes (School of Healthcare, University of Leeds)
Michael Clarke (University College London), Gloria Soto (San Francisco State University)
Marion Stanton (CandLE Ltd), Saffron Murphy-Mann (CandLE Ltd)Download Handout
Sandra Hartley (Logan Technologies)
Helen Dunman (Chailey Heritage Foundation)
Helen Dunman (Chailey Heritage Foundation)
Nicky Ford (KeyComm Resource Centre), Debbie Jans (KeyComm Resource Centre)
Linda Page (NHS Ayrshire and Arran), Nina McGinley (NHS Ayrshire and Arran)
Jennifer Marden (AssistiveWare), Erin Sheldon
Sally Chan (Bristol Communication Aids Service)
Rolf Black (University of Dundee), Annalu Waller (University of Dundee), Laorag Hunter (NHS Tayside), Amy Hanschell (NHS Tayside), Eddie Gasowski (Speakeasy), Helen Gowland (Speakeasy)
Heather Bovingdon (Kent & Medway CAT Service), Nicole Tumber (Kent & Medway CAT Service), Debbie Bailey (Kent & Medway CAT Service)
Pauline Downie (NHS Lanarkshire), Ailsa Adams (NHS Lanarkshire), Dawn Cunningham (North Lanarkshire Council), Irene Houston (South Lanarkshire Council), Pauline McCartan (HOPE for Autism)
Rob Gregory (Tobii Dynavox)
Jemima Hughes, Janet Mayes
Tom Griffiths (Great Ormond Street Hospital / UCL)
Lee Blemings (Sensory Guru Ltd)
Hector Minto (Tobii Dynavox AB)
David Niemeijer (AssistiveWare), Jennifer Marden (AssistiveWare)
Helen Whittle (Manchester Metropolitan University), Claire Hamshire (Manchester Metropolitan University), Julie Lachovic (Manchester Metropolitan University), Hannah Palin (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Setareh Shamdani (Royal College of Art / Imperial College), Antton Peña (Royal College of Art / Imperial College)
Meghan Conover (Saltillo Corporation)
Adam Waits (Smartbox)
Meghan Conover (Saltillo)