AAC Hacking: Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference




  • Kate McCallum (Beaumont College)


As said by Beukelman & Mirenda 1998, “Everyone can communicate. Everyone does communicate.” There are many ways in which people use AAC. To make access to communication as easy and functional as possible my role often involves hacking, putting together bespoke items to facilitate access to AAC. In some cases I find we are doing the same hack time and time again; other hacks are quite unique and bespoke. I will share a range of solutions I have put in place to help resolve some of the problems faced by our students who use AAC, their families and our staff, to support the everyday use of AAC.


I intend to share ideas and demonstrate practical solutions we have put in place to support people who use AAC, e.g. communication book mounts, colour coding systems for all chargers, and low cost sensory stories.


Sharing practice is important. I intend to share a whole range of ideas in the hope that people will find something that helps them in their daily practice.


Having a community of practice in which to share and break down issues has proven an immensely useful resource. In sharing good practice at conference it is hoped that some of the ideas will help make life easier for one or two individuals who use AAC and their support team.

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