AAC Evidence Base Research Project: November 2012 Update

AAC Evidence Base website

Thank you to all the members of Communication Matters who took up our invitation to be involved in testing the AAC Evidence Base website in October. We had a brilliant response with over 50 people asking to participate, and received extensive feedback on the content and design of the site.

The research team at Manchester Metropolitan University are focusing on developing more content to meet the needs of the wide range of people who will access the website. Watch this space for news of the launch date!

We are moving into the dissemination phase of the project and are about to start work on writing the final research report. The report will bring together all the strands of the project and will be available in April 2013.

Dissemination & Presentations

The Research Lead has established links with lead organisations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and they are keen to support the dissemination of our research findings.

Dr Janice Murray gave a presentation about the case study template at the RAATE conference on 26th November. Manchester Metropolitan University has developed the template as part of the research project. It will enable Communication Matters to build up a repository of case study data that will be a valuable resource for researchers.

The Research Manager also give a presentation to the Oxfordshire AAC Special Interest Group on 15th November.

AAC Researchers Needed

Communication Matters welcomes applications from UK post-graduate researchers wishing to recruit participants to UK-based AAC research projects. Communication Matters has set up the Research Involvement Network to help researchers find the participants they need. The Network is made up of AAC users, their families and carers; and professionals who work with AAC users. All of them have registered their interest in taking part in research into AAC.

More information is available here: www.communicationmatters.org.uk/page/research-involvement-network 

You are also welcome to contact Katie Holmes, Research Manager, to discuss your research project – email [email protected]

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