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Communication Matters - Research Matters: An AAC evidence base

Research Stream
  • Katie Holmes
  • Janice Murray
  • Michelle Beech
  • Alan Martin
  • Prof Pam Enderby
  • Sarah Creer
  • Alex John
  • Simon Judge

Communication Matters is in the final stages of a groundbreaking research project. In this session, the researchers involved in the AAC Evidence Base project will present the data obtained so far and use this to generate discussion around these key topics:

  1. Emerging findings about the prevalence of need for AAC and models of AAC service provision in the UK will be presented. By attending the session you will have an opportunity to respond to the emerging findings, and contribute your views and your experiences of AAC service delivery.
  2. Showcase of the AAC Evidence Base website which aims to make current knowledge about AAC available to all. The key research component has been establishing a robust content framework. The structure and content of the evidence base has been driven by the wishes of all AAC stakeholder groups. This launch will only be the beginning of what is intended to be a dynamic and evolving resource. The researchers will also explain how the bank of AAC case study data has been established and how it will benefit future research.
  3. Communication Matters will explain how they plan to continue to support research into AAC.

Download Handout (pdf 1.8MB)