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The Jamie Munro Inspiration Award

Jamie Munro was the Information Director at Inclusive Technology. He presented at many CM Roadshows and Conferences and was a leading figure in the field of Assistive Technology; his work had an impact on the lives of many.

Jamie MunroAfter his sudden and unexpected death in December 2016, several of the CM Supplier members suggested we should pay tribute to Jamie's commitment to the AAC world. And so, a man who was inspirational to many people will be remembered each year at the Communication Matters Conference through the Jamie Munro Inspiration Award.

Who can make a nomination?
Anyone who uses AAC or who works in the field of AAC.

Who can you nominate?
Nominees will be someone who is inspirational in the world of AAC. This could be an AAC user, an inventor, therapist, designer, teacher, supplier... anyone who is inspirational to you.

How do you nominate?
Submissions, ideally by video clip (maximum three minutes), telling us how and why your nominee has inspired you. However, if it is difficult for you to produce a video clip, an audio clip with some text and photos would also be accepted.

Where do you send your nomination?
To the CM Office (

When do you send your nomination?
From now until Friday 31st August 2018.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

The winner will be announced on Sunday 9th September at the Communication Matters Conference.

So far the award has been presented to:

Helen Dixon2017 - Helen Dixon - specialist AAC SALT in Cumbria, for her tireless and longstanding work, both in her professional, and particularly in her own time, to promote and support AAC use, in all its forms.