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Booking Terms & Conditions - Cancellation Fees

In the event that you cancel your booking/order, cancellation fees will be charged as detailed below. We will endeavour to resell your booking and, if successful, any payments received for such booking sold will be taken into account, based on the applied percentage, when calculating your cancellation fee.

All cancellations and amendments must be confirmed to us in writing; you will receive a written acknowledgement. On receipt of your confirmation to us, the notice period becomes effective and your booking will be released for re-sale.

Fees for cancellations/changes are calculated as below and are based on the total value of the booking: 

Period of notice given before event/publication: cancellation fee charged

1. Exhibition Stand at International Conference

  • 91-180 days (from date of event): 50%
  • 31-90 days: 75%        
  • 30 days or less: 100%

2. Exhibition/Presentation Stand at Other Events (e.g. AAC Information Days)

  • Over 60 days (from date of event): 100% of venue's cancellation fees for room booking
  • 31-60 days: 100% of venue's cancellation fees for room booking & admin fees
  • 15-30 days: 100% of venue's cancellation fees for room booking, plus printing, postage, stationery & admin fees
  • 14 days or less: 100% of all costs (catering, room booking, printing, postage, stationery & admin fees)

AAC Information Days (formerly Roadshows): Should an event have to be cancelled due to a low number of bookings, 100% of the cost of any cancellation fees incurred by the venue will be split equally between all the suppliers who signed up to the event. We will endeavour to keep the risk and costs to a minimum.

3. Conference & Study Day Delegate

  • 31-60 days (from date of event): 10% 
  • 30 days or less: 100%

4. Advertisements

  • 91-180 days (from publication date): 50%
  • 31-90 days: 75%
  • 30 days or less: 100%

5. Membership

  • No refunds