Three Questions for AAC Researchers

As part of the AAC Evidence Base project, Communication Matters is setting up a Research Involvement Network. Researchers have commented that it can be hard to find participants for AAC research projects. But some people who use AAC and their families have said that once they had taken part in one research project they were often asked to take part in many more, which could lead to them feeling overburdened. The Research Involvement Network will make it easier for AAC researchers to find participants and will widen the pool of people they can draw on. This will make research more representative of the needs and interests of people who use AAC.

The network is still in the early stages of development. Katie Holmes, the Research Manager, is looking for researchers working in the field of AAC who would be willing to answer three questions about what they are looking for when recruiting participants for research projects. If you can help, please contact Katie at [email protected].

For more information about the AAC Evidence Base Project visit the Research page on our website