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Barnsley Assistive Technology Service

Hub - covering: 
Yorkshire and Humber
Area covered 

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham. See latest information on area covered

Population served 

All ages. We work in conjunction with local teams, i.e. Local specialist speech therapists for AAC.


Approx 100 per year. Current case load approx 600.

Services provided 

- Assessment
- Loan-Trial iterative process
- Provision (funding through local services)
- Ongoing support
- Training
- Research
- Custom made equipment
- Setup and customisation of equipment


Clinical staffing (i.e. not including research):
- 2 WTE Clinical Scientists
- 1.5 WTE Clinical Technologists

Funded by 

NHS (SLAs and per-case)

Permanent or project 


Year set up 

Around 1980

Referral process 

Downloadable form on website.