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Communication Matters is a UK-wide organisation committed to supporting people of all ages who find communication difficult because they have little or no clear speech. You will find here information on methods of communication which can be used to supplement the more usual methods of speech and writing. These methods are called Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC for short. 

Communication Matters is also the UK Chapter of ISAAC (International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication), a world-wide organisation which aims to promote the best possible communication for people with complex communication needs.

AAC Commissioning in England

Most local health services in England will be provided by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs); however, there are a few specialised services, including 'specialist augmentative and alternative communication aids' services that will be commissioned directly by NHS England – the new organisation appointed by the Government to oversee the commissioning of all health services.


Roadshows are product demonstration days supported and presented by our Commercial Members from the UK's leading suppliers of communication aids, equipment, software and symbol systems. Each day consists of five sessions which provide information and offer up-to-date knowledge on the range of AAC products available in the UK. There is an exhibition period when delegates can try out products (there is no opportunity for hands-on during the presentation sessions). 

We are busy planning a series of Roadshows for 2015. More information and booking form will be available shortly.

Join Communication Matters and Make a Difference

Become a member and work with us towards our core aims of increasing awareness about AAC improving Service Standards; encouraging Research; and lobbying government for change. Membership is open to all. People who use AAC can apply for a free sponsored membership in their first year. - Online Evidence base

Search our online, accessible AAC evidence base which brings together information and research evidence about AAC in one place, including case studies, publications, plain language summaries, factsheets, FAQs, glossary of terms and more...

AAC Evidence Base Research

Communication Matters, along with organisations involved in the delivery of the Department for Education (DfE) funded AAC Grants Project hosted four AAC dissemination seminars across England. Communication Matters and NHS Education Scotland (NES) also hosted a joint AAC dissemination seminar in Edinburgh. These seminars aimed to inform on the following work:
  • Communication Matters AAC Evidence Base Project - final report and results
  • DfE funded AAC Grants Project - report and resources developed to inform on AAC commissioning arrangements in England
  • A Right to Speak Project - AAC developments in Scotland

You can download the reports, resources & presentations from these seminars:

Shining a Light on AAC

AAC Evidence Base Project
'Shining a Light on AAC'
Seminar Presentations & Resources

The Future of AAC in  England

DfE AAC Grants Project
'The Future of AAC Services in England'
Seminar Presentations & Resources

A Right to Speak  report

A Right to Speak
'A Right to Speak' report
Seminar Presentations & Resources

Raising AAC Awareness and Supporting us

There are many ways you can help to raise awareness of AAC and supporting the work of Communication Matters at the same time, for example by:

Campaigning, Service Delivery & National Standards

We are currently actively involved in lobbying government to ensure AAC services and equipment are supported in the new NHS reforms. The hub and spoke model of service delivery developed in response to the work for Jean Gross CBE and in consultation with all AAC stakeholders is central to this activity as are the National Standards Documents.

AAC Evidence Base Research

Communication Matters has published research reports and resources resulting from its groundbreaking AAC Evidence Base research project to gather evidence about the need and provision of AAC.  


This website contains a wealth of information and resources on AAC:

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