Mapping AAC in the Netherlands: Applying the CM:RM template



Research Stream

    • Gillian Townend (Research Centre for Technology in Care)
    • Ruth Dalemans (Centre of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology)
    • Uta Roentgen (Centre of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology)


This paper reports on research undertaken within the Netherlands to determine the prevalence of need for AAC amongst children and young people aged 0-19, to identify and map AAC services and to gather families’ experiences of accessing and receiving AAC services.


The project used the template provided by the Communication Matters:Research Matters project. A formal link was established between the two teams with the English questionnaires as a starting point, translated and adapted to the Dutch context. In the spring of 2014, questionnaires were distributed to special schools, child assessment/rehabilitation/day-care centres, specialist AAC organisations, therapists working with AAC, communication aid suppliers and families of children with known AAC needs/in receipt of AAC services. This was followed by interviews with families and focus groups with families and AAC professionals.


Results will be reported during the conference.


The end point of the project will be the publication of a roadmap to help future families find their way into early identification and appropriate services and support of AAC needs.

Level of Session


Age Group



Primary school
Secondary school
Special school