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Low-tech use of symbols

There are many low-tech ways of using symbols:

  • Communication Books provide pages of symbols usually organised by topic.
  • Communication Charts are similar to communication books but the items are arranged on a single board or sheet.
  • Communication Cards provide pages of symbols usually organised by topic.
  • Visual Timetables and other visual supports are typically used to help an individual to understand the sequence of events.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in which the student gives a picture to another person in exchange for what the picture represents.
  • E-Tran Frames where the user uses eye gaze to indicate a word or symbol attached to a sheet of plastic.
  • Communication Passports are booklets key information supoorting a vulnerable person with communication difficulties.
  • Talking Mats are mats to which pictures can be attached. Useful as a structured tool to thinking.