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Survey of Provision of Communication Aids in Wales

Submitted by admin on 29 October 2010 - 3:54pm

The Welsh Assembly Government has recently undertaken a review of the provision of complex, children's and specialist community equipment.

Additional work is now being undertaken to investigate the current provision of communication aids throughout Wales.

Voluntary and Third Sector Organisations are now being asked to complete and return a survey questionnaire by Friday 3 December 2010...

The survey questionnaire (in Microsoft Word format) may be completed and emailed or posted to Mary Morris (contact details in the questionnaire), or it may be completed online at

Service Managers, Education Departments and practitioners throughout Wales are in the process of being separately surveyed.

The Welsh Assemby Government will also be seeking the views of communication aid users and their families, and would also be very interested in short case studies highlighting any problems with the provision of communication aids and/or the difference that a communication aid can make to an individual.

For further information on the surveys please contact Mary Morris on 01792 326564 or