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What do you want from Communication Matters?

  • Judith de Ste Croix
  • Toby Hewson

[Only for people who use AAC]

If you use AAC and would like to participate in a group to discuss how Communication Matters can develop to become an organisation that is more centred around your needs then come along to this session.

We will discuss what you would like Communication Matters to provide for you, how the annual Communication Matters symposium could be better targeted to meet your needs, whether there is any other training that you would like Communication Matters to provide for you, and how Communication Matters can enable you to become more involved in the organisation.

We need you to be involved in order to take Communication Matters forward so please come along and share your views and have your say. Everything that you say will be taken forward to be considered by the Board of Trustees and will help to develop the Communication Matters business plan for 2010.

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