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Using AAC with Deaf People with Additional Needs

  • Jackie Barker
  • Alli Gaskin
  • Liz Hibbert

This presentation will look at the challenges faced by three very different people learning to use AAC. All are deaf with additional needs. The case-studies will look at how AAC was adapted to better meet their needs as deaf people.

Oliver is a deaf teenager who has physical and learning disabilities; he uses a high tech communication aid. Stephen is a young deaf man with learning disabilities who is also diagnosed with autism; he uses signing and a communication book. Jamie is a deaf child with severe visual impairment and learning disabilities; he uses a small number of signs and pictures.

The case-studies will explore the impact of deafness on their development of aided communication. It will also consider the impact of their additional disabilities on their development of unaided (signed) communication.

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All Ages