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Transition to Mainstream Schooling for a Child Experiencing PMLD

  • Judy King

The transition to mainstream schooling from a special school for a child experiencing PMLD is still an unusual occurrence in the UK. It is a challenge that can be risen to with a positive experience for all those involved. All aspects of the curriculum can be adapted and the child integrated into mainstream school life.

Resources need to be carefully planned, work differentiated, and specific symbol vocabulary chosen to facilitate the development of functional communication skills. Multi-disciplinary professionals need to collaborate closely to make clear aims. Switches and easy technology devices are absolutely essential to ensure access to the curriculum.

While it is important that the child with PMLD continues to work on their own educational levels, there are many classroom opportunities for encouraging choosing and turn-taking. Inclusive education is a learning experience for all involved working on individual needs and strengths. However, it requires dedication from those professionals involved and co-operation from everyone.

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