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A Review of AAC Vocabularies Available for The Grid 2

  • Barney Hawes

Communication vocabularies are invaluable when setting up a high-tech AAC system as they provide a large, well-organised vocabulary that is ready to use immediately. There is a wide selection of high quality vocabularies available for The Grid 2, from symbol-based packages for early years through to text-based packages for adults.

This review will highlight key strengths and differences for the most popular vocabularies including CALLtalk, Ingfield Dynamic Vocabularies (IDV), Starting Blocks, Talk Together, Grid Talk, Star Talker, WordPower and Picture WordPower.

The main focus will be on language and communication features such as organisation of the vocabulary and how verbs are handled, rather than ‘extra’ features such as access to the Internet or environmental control.  The choice of symbols and accompanying resources such as workbooks will be discussed. The vocabularies will be demonstrated in use, and attendees can expect to gain working knowledge to help them identify appropriate vocabularies.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Primary school
Secondary school transition
Further/Higher Education