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The Pupils' Press, Two Years On: Exploring cross curricular links and the functional development of skills through environmental control

  • Alli Gaskin
  • James Leigh

This presentation will explore ways in which The Lancasterian Pupils' Press — a symbolised newspaper developed by secondary pupils at Lancasterian School — has evolved since the previous presentation at Communication Matters in September 2007. It has become embedded within the curriculum to promote the development of both spoken and written communication skills. Pupils have also been able to develop their skills for environmental control.

The Pupils’ Press was originally established as a Social Use of Language Group in April 2007. Pupils met weekly for a half-hour session during lunchtime as a News Club, but it was soon recognised that this did not allow sufficient time for development of pupil skills. Since September 2008, The Pupils’ Press has been integrated into a weekly English lesson. More recently, pupils have been using the school’s multi-media studio to create their own newsroom.

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