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Picture Exchange Device that Talks, Floats and Bounces!

  • Glen Dobbs (Logan Technologies)

Logan has autism and cannot talk yet. Whilst he is a good PECS user, his dad Glen wanted him to have verbal communication. So Glen and his friend Kevin, both engineers, set about designing a device that would let him build on his PECS and easily transfer to verbal output. “After one minute with the ProxTalker, Logan requested his favourite toy, a letter puzzle, and now he orders his own Macdonalds” reports Glen.

The Logan ProxTalker is a dedicated device built for the hard handling it will receive from its owner. Originally designed for autism, it is already being seen by professionals in the US and UK as a tool for a diverse range of children and adults. Built by a parent who understands the demands of time with an autisitc son, this is simply the easiest device to set up and use. Glen will share his journey and ambitions.

Level of Session 
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All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Primary school