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My Voice is My Power

Personal experience
  • Katie Caryer
  • Nadia Clarke
  • Guy Baber
  • Gregor Gilmour
  • Jemima Hughes
  • Beth Moulam
  • Ruth Price
  • Michael Reed
  • Jodie Turner
  • Rosie Vachat

We are a gang of teenagers using AAC from the charity 1Voice. Since 2005 we have been part of the 1Voice Teenager Project which has young people from all over England working together on exciting initiatives, giving us space and time to discuss issues around growing up disabled. What makes 1Voice so great is how they enable us to see and work with Role Models.

We are now 16-20 years old, which makes us some of the oldest members of 1Voice and so we think we are ready to become Role Models.

In 2006 the 1Voice Teenager Project won the Guardian Charity Awards and was shortlisted for the Community Care Awards. In 2007 we made a DVD Listen to Me. which was distributed all over the world, and won an individual Diana Memorial Award for each young person who took part.

In this presentation we will be reflecting on our journey using different multi-media (including films from when we were little — embarrassing or wot?).

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