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Life Mapping, Transition Planning, and Communicating in PowerPoint with Linked Slides and Speech Output

Personal experience
  • Michael Brian Reed
  • Terry Gibson

Michael will show a PowerPoint of linked slides that is his life plan with some slides that are communication boards with speech output to enable communication from within the presentation.

He will show you the new features in PowerPoint 2007 we used to make the PowerPoint, explain how we worked around problems we encountered using them, show how we add sound to individual words and sentences, and how we make the audio files for the sounds from text using the (free) Text-to-Wav application.

We would like the audience to join us in activities to explore the usefulness of the words we have chosen for the communication slides, and welcome discussion on our choice of content for the life map and its arrangement.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Secondary school transition