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Life After School

Personal experience
  • Courtney Allen

My name is Courtney, I am 19 and am a happy, fun loving girl! I talk using a Liberator with LLL and the tracker head pointing system. I went to a special school and left when I was 17.

I wanted to be an adult and start work. But, I soon discovered that life was much easier at school! I went to North Hertfordshire College and the building was wonderful! However, the tutors had no training or awareness of AAC and it didn’t work out. I left after a few months and went home to watch a lot of television!

I now attend YMCA Training to work on my maths and independent living skills. I know what went wrong when I left school and college, and I need help to achieve my goals in life. I want to work as a model showing a positive image of people with disabilities. Like anyone else, I want to go to work, have my own house, go on holidays, go shopping, and spend time with my friends and family

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