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How was School Today…? Evaluating the Personal-Narrative-Telling Prototype: Preliminary results

  • Rolf Black
  • Annalu Waller
  • Ehud Reiter
  • Ross Turner

Talking about your day at school can be essential for family interaction and this narrative communication has been highlighted for its role in literacy acquisition. In a one year feasibility study we explored whether we can support children with complex communication needs to create and tell stories about their school day with the help of a computer tool which uses data from the user’s activities during the day.

We built a prototype system that generates draft stories about a child's day at school using interaction and location sensors, pre-stored information about the school day such as the timetable and lunch menu, and recorded voice messages from staff. The child can easily edit the generated stories and use them integrated in her personal voice output communication aid (VOCA).

We will present preliminary results from the evaluation of the system in a special school.

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Primary school