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Eye-Gaze: The ultimate solution for computer access and AAC?

  • Aejaz Zahid
  • Julie Litchfield
  • Jodie Rogers
  • Matthew Pepper

This paper presents a case study on the implementation of a single camera eye-gaze system (ERICA) for a client with MND. The system was initially set up for computer access, so that the client could access books online, communicate remotely via email and SMS, remotely control entertainment equipment and eventually use it as an AAC device.

Although the system was, in theory, designed to be capable of covering most of this client's needs for communication and computer control we discovered that, in practice, many aspects of the software and system simply did not work or required a substantial investment in time and technical expertise to help overcome these problems. Many bugs in the software were only discovered once the client had had a chance to properly trial the system at home and this led to considerable frustration for the client as they would frequently need support to deal with these issues.

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