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Computer and Communication Interaction: Using favourite classroom software to increase use of static communication devices

Personal experience
  • Allison Yates
  • Sandra Thistlethwaite

This presentation will discuss the effects of utilizing highly motivating software, paired with appropriate static display overlays, on the quality and quantity of communication interactions.

When first teaching individuals how to use static display devices, it is often most effective if device use is associated with highly motivating activities or objects. In our high-tech age we are accustomed to television, video games, and toys with buttons that make noises or light up. So overlays and activities for fostering static display use need to be interactive and interesting to promote communication.

Discover how to utilize highly motivating computer software to increase communication interactions in static display device users.  From requesting to sentence building, motivating software can help to promote appropriate device use.  During this presentation learn how to choose relevant software, create overlays, and increase communication by augmentative communication users.

Level of Session 
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All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC