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Communication: It does help to talk

Personal experience
  • Hannah Rogers

I will describe my life from early childhood to adulthood focussing on:

  1. Development of my communication systems from symbols to high-tech. I have used topic boards, Blissymbols, Touch Talker and other Liberator devices.
  2. Reflections on learning different Minspeak programmes such as IEP, LLL and Discovery.
  3. Life after education. It’s not all voluntary work, there's skiing, a trip to Australia and Glastonbury too!
  4. What helps me to communicate? I have developed ways that help me and others. I also continue to improve my sentence building and access.
  5. Funny things that have happened to me using a communication aid. I have a collection of stories to share.
  6. My increasingly independent life. I have weekends away and using text has transformed my life.
Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC