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Collecting Evidence: Our experience of collaborating with the police service

Personal experience
  • Sue Lord

In late 2009 our service was contacted by the Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses team from our local Police service. This presentation will report the collaboration that ensued with both the Police and the Registered Intermediary, as well as the ongoing relationship we have developed with the service beyond this individual case.

An elderly lady with advanced Progressive Supra-Nuclear Palsy had indicated to her daughter that she had been assaulted in her nursing home by a member of staff. Whilst Mrs P’s communication was felt to be consistent, she was indicating Yes/No through hand squeezes which could not be demonstrated clearly enough on video to be suitable evidence in court. She had never been provided with or considered for an aided communication system.

We will share our experiences of working with the police and Registered Intermediary to enable Mrs P to provide evidence that would stand up to scrutiny in court and how we have used that experience to improve communication skills within the wider Police Service.

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