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A Case Study on Implementing AT in a Residential Home for People with Multiple Disabilities

  • Matthew Pepper
  • Aejaz Zahid
  • Jodie Rogers
  • Julie Litchfield

This paper presents a preliminary case study on the provision of communication and assistive technology in a home for people with severe to profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) setting within the framework of a new Adult Communication and Assistive Technology (ACAT) service. One goal of the study was a better understanding of the range and mix of needs within the home, the resources required to meet those needs, and what the small ACAT team can do to help meet those needs.

We will present an overview of our experience including case studies of one resident with moderate language impairment but severe physical impairment and one with profound physical and language impairment. We will also discuss lessons learned from this intervention. This wil include how the provision of very basic electronic assistive technology can have a positive impact on a resident’s life, and how to support the care staff and other professional staff.

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