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Case Study on Communication Beyond the Day-to-Day, Using Scanning Grids

  • Susanne Agerbak

In this session I will discuss the communication needs of an adult resident at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability who has a complex combination of physical and sensory disabilities. I will describe the journey of designing an AAC solution and the considerations and challenges which were involved. The solution was two-switch scanning on a computer running The Grid 2 with custom-built grids.

When considering communication there is often a focus on day-to-day requests and discussion of care and basic needs. Our experience at RHN has emphasised the importance to clients of their broader communication. This case study demonstrates this well because email and word-processing were the most essential aspects to the client, allowing him a creative outlet (he is now a published author) through writing poetry and short stories, as well as social contact and managing his life via email.

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