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AAC Assessments and the Social Model of Disability

Personal experience
  • Marion Stanton
  • Katie Caryer

This session will propose assessment protocols within a new paradigm by rejecting medical model assessments based on non-disabled developmental norms in favour of person centred assessments based on the social model of disability. Evidence based practice will be critically examined and a dymanic model of assessment will be advocated.

The social model of disability points out the failures of society and how the systems within it are the disabling factors rather than the impairments of the disabled people.

Advocates of the social model — on which the Disability Discrimination Act is based and which is promoted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families — promote ways of working which put disabled people in control of their own lives and at the heart of planning for their own needs. This session will examine ways in which the AAC assessment can be developed to encompass this ideal.

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All Ages