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AAC and Assistive Technology: Developing accredited training programmes

  • Juliann Bergin
  • Siobhán Long

This presentation will outline our vision of developing accredited Assistive Technology (AT) training (encompassing an extensive module on AAC), targeting not only speech and language therapists, but also adult AT users who wish to take on a leadership role, other therapists, family members, personal assistants, educators and employers.

Working in partnership with UK AT Charity, AbilityNet, we have now delivered 8 accredited courses, with over 160 graduates working in education, employment and in a wide spectrum of community settings. Our goal is to make Assistive Technology as accessible as possible to the widest range of people and in so doing, to demystify it by exploring the potential of mainstream technologies from laptops and portable devices to harnessing the social networking capability of the Internet to connect (previously isolated) AT users. Implications for continuing professional development and empowerment of AT users will also be discussed.

Level of Session 
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All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Further/Higher Education