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You Matter: Training for parents and close professionals

Practice Report
  • Amanda Bousaki
  • Clare Latham
  • Rachel Moore
  • Katharine Buckley

“You Matter” is a training course for parents/carers and professionals of children who use aided communication. It is an “off the shelf” training resource for SLTs and AAC professionals, developed as part of the Becta “Innovative projects” funding stream. The content was guided by literature search findings, extensive national consultation with parents of children USING aided communication and from pilot site feedback. It comprises a tutor guide, participant guide, handouts and a DVD containing the PowerPoint presentation and video clips to illustrate the learning points. It has been written in 8 sections which can be flexibly delivered to meet local service provision needs.

“You Matter” is firmly focussed on the triangular relationship and dynamics between child, parent and professional with a view to achieving better outcomes for aided communication development, service delivery and cost effectiveness. By empowering parents/carers and professionals, they are better equipped to take an active role in developing the communication of their child through AAC, both within their family and pre-school/school environment. It is also an opportunity to address feelings of isolation by providing peer support.

“You Matter” has been developed to empower those close to the child using AAC by increasing awareness, understanding and knowledge and the belief that they can make a difference.

Download Handout (pdf 700KB)