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Using 'Tacpac' as a Communication Aid with PMLD Adults in a Social Care Setting

Practice Report
  • Paula Hellal

‘Tacpac’ is an activity resource designed to aid communication and sensory awareness in people with PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities), sensory/neurological impairment or developmental delay. Tacpac uses everyday objects and specially composed music to link, through sensory alignment and sensory reinforcement, the senses of touch, sight and hearing. Repeating Tacpac sessions on a regular basis may lead to recognition and anticipation of touch sensation, offer opportunity to express like and dislike, and allow pre-linguistic communication to develop between Tacpac ‘partners’.

This presentation considers the use of Tacpac as an aid to communication in three non-verbal PMLD adults living in residential care. Their disabilities include cerebral palsy, visual impairment and severe learning disability.

Download Handout (pdf 97KB)