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Using PODD books: How manageable are PODD books in a busy classroom?

  • Alli Gaskin
  • Suzanne Martin

This session will explore issues relating to the implementation of Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) books at Lancasterian Special School and examine their potential value as compared to the communication books traditionally used to support the communication and learning needs of pupils.

The communication books used at Lancasterian have, in the past, been created from scratch for individual pupils using a combination of approaches:

  1. Taxonomic – vocabulary/messages is organised in categories.
  2. Schematic – vocabulary/messages is organised according to pupil events/activities.
  3. Core/Fringe vocabulary – everyday vocabulary and vocabulary specific to each individual child is used.

Maintaining/updating communication books according to pupil need, has been time consuming and supporting staff to use these books has been inconsistent. PODD books offer a different approach to the organisation of vocabulary/messages.

This paper will outline the development and implementation of PODD books for four pupils at Lancasterian School. A case study approach has been used to determine the value of PODD books in a busy classroom environment.

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