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The User's User Guide to Good AAC Practice

  • Sandra Hartley
  • Janice Murray
  • Martin Pistorius
  • Sergio Suchowlanski

Communication Matters is keen to involve people who use AAC in adding to our range of AAC advice leaflets. The conference is too good an opportunity to miss, with a captive audience of people who use AAC on the spot.

So, we would like to get your advice and challenge practice to come up with a new leaflet, "The User's User Guide to Good AAC Practice".

This will be an interactive session and an opportunity to make a positive impact on support for each other. Along the way, we may also get ten top tips for professionals on how to support people who use AAC. We would ask that you put some thought into this topic before the session and come along prepared to give your input, energy and enthusiasm.

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All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC