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You have to be told, in a language you can understand, what your rights are.

  • Lois Cameron
  • Morag Place

This paper will describe a project funded by the Scottish government to develop an accessible workshop for people with communication support needs to understand their rights under the The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act (2007). The workshop had three components: ‘understanding the act’, ‘using  the act’ and ‘what it means for you’. It was designed to support an individual’s ability to participate and to ensure people who used AAC could be fully included and have their learning needs addressed.

A user group of four people with a learning disability and four people with aphasia was established and they played a central role in shaping the workshop to make sure it was accessible and to give feedback to the trainers who were trained to deliver it. The paper will describe the process of developing the workshop, the resources used and developed, the outcomes of the project and future considerations.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Secondary school transition
Further/Higher Education