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The Eye Control Learning Curve

  • Hector Minto (Tobii Technology)

Eye control is now a standard offering on most AAC solutions. However, for many people AAC is something they have to work towards. The essential building blocks of "cause and effect" and "exploration" have been missed out when considering eye control. In this talk we will demonstrate how Tobii Technology have pulled together an array of resources in sensory rooms and on classroom computers. These resources have been used by pupils who would not have previously succeeded with AAC.

This ethos has also led Tobii to create communication vocabularies which incorporate gaming elements. We now have a learning curve which schools and rehab therapists can follow to successfully teach this life changing access method. Videos of real life case studies will be shown to illustrate the success of this approach.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Primary school