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Telling Stories Project: The final chapter

Sponsored Research
  • Pippa Bailey
  • Karen Bunning

Story-telling is known to be an important tool in the development of language. It also forms a considerable part of the English National Curriculum. However, aided communicators have limited opportunity to develop their story-telling in comparison to normally developing peers. The ‘Telling Stories’ project was a PhD study that investigated story-telling interactions between children who use AAC and their teaching staff. The principle aim was to explore the communicative role played by both conversation partners during fictional and personal story-telling interactions.

Data collection involved video capture of four dyads comprising one aided speaker and one familiar, natural speaker during two story-telling tasks. Three measures were used for analysis: (i) modality of communication; (ii) Type-token ratio; and (iii) coding of linguistic moves.

This paper presents a review of the findings from the full study offering some tentative suggestions for future research and implications for both therapy and education. 

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