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What is New in Proloquo2Go: AAC for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

  • Martijn Leopold (AssistiveWare)

In this session the developers of Proloquo2Go share what’s new in the premier AAC solution for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Proloquo2Go provides a powerful, yet flexible and complete AAC solution on the go for anyone who cannot speak or is hard to understand. It supports symbols-based, word-based, phrase-based and text-based communication that can be fully adapted to the individual user. Text-based, list-based and grid-based interfaces make it easy to use by a variety of users.

After a brief introduction of Proloquo2Go, the session will focus on the new features added in 2011 as well as some of the upcoming features. We will review the new vocabulary model as well as new enhanced editing and sharing features of Proloquo2Go. We will discuss the best practices for customization of Proloquo2Go for the individual user. The session closes with a brief Q&A.

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All Ages