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Maximising Communicative Competency for Individuals with Complex Communication Difficulties (Emergent Communicators)

  • Euan Robertson

"A substantial number of students in the severe disabilities category is in need of augmentative communication system intervention." (Matas, J., Mathy, P., Beukelman, D. 1985). Demographic studies show that those with severe disabilities make up the highest population of non verbal students, in the school age population. This has huge implications for clinicians working in the field of AAC. Advances in technology and in AAC intervention have made high tech AAC more accessible to those with complex cognitive and physical needs.

The development and utilisation of basic communication skills is of utmost importance for these individuals. But, where do we begin? In this session we will review the current research that supports the use of high-tech AAC options for individuals with severe disabilities, vocabulary selection and implementation strategies. Participants will have a better understanding of how high-tech AAC supports plus good communication partner strategies can support successful communication for individuals with severe disabilities.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Primary school
Secondary school transition