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Spontaneous Communication using Core with Unity

  • Theresa Tanchak (Liberator Ltd)
  • Mark Street

Liberator’s success has been built on language development and giving customers the potential to communicate spontaneously using Unity™. Unity™ is widely used globally and has many resources available to support learning. Unity™ is the only AAC language system that takes advantage of motor learning to decrease cognitive load and increase the rate of communication.

This session will show how Unity™ utilizes high frequency words which account for approximately 80% of the words we use and come from a small set of approximately 400 words. We will look at Vocabulary builder which has been designed to make language implementation easier by allowing you to quickly alter the amount of vocabulary available whilst retaining a consistent motor plan. A free DVD will be available with demo software, example resources and instructions.

Download Handout (ppt 1.1MB)