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Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP): Promoting the development of communication for individuals with ASD

Practice Report
  • Cindy Halloran
  • Sarah Honey

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) is a therapeutic approach for children with autism who are nonverbal or have limited verbal abilities. It uses a voice output AAC device to provide them with a method of independently and spontaneously expressing themselves. Utilization of LAMP with students with ASD has been shown to improve communication skills, increase social engagement, decrease problematic behaviors, and increase verbal speech.

This session will provide an overview of LAMP to include background and theory, key components, how and why children with autism would benefit from using a voice output AAC device, and discussion of device features that are beneficial for teaching language to children with autism. The role of motor, auditory, and visual integration with a word-based vocabulary will also be discussed.

Download Handout (pptx 650 KB)