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How Was School Today...? Using mobile phones to support data collection for automatic narrative generation

Research Stream
  • Rolf Black
  • Annalu Waller
  • Ehud Reiter
  • Nava Tintarev

The “How Was School Today...?” project has successfully introduced a new personal narrative tool for children with severe speech and physical impairments. The system collects sensor data, voice recordings from school staff, and other information. The new implementation of the prototype system uses a mobile phone to facilitate and expand the data collection. Data now includes photographs that are automatically linked to multi-part voice recordings, and the possibility to read 2D barcodes for interaction and location tracking.

Data collected with the phone is transferred automatically to a central server and then to the student's VOCA. The system automatically creates an interactive narrative on their VOCA that they can edit and use to talk about their school day experiences. We will present initial results from the evaluation of the system with two participants in a special needs school.